A Christmas rhyming animation about a boy named Arthur who decides to help a crocodile find his lost teeth. These lost teeth are stuck in yummy treats that he previously tried to eat in a part of Lar Lar Land. A perfect story for anyone who has a sweet tooth.

A spin-off to the bestselling book series Lar Lar Land. Narrated by BAFTA winner Gail Porter and TV legend Pat Sharp .

12 minute runtime

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- The Veg Croc


Watch it now, click the link or click Mr. Crocodile or Arthur. 

Available for licensing, please get in touch. 

Snorerus & Hiccups

Arriving in December 2022 on   Prime Video

Snorerus & Hiccups is a no dialogue comedy aimed at children aged above preschool. One can hiccup wishes from her mouth to help her in every day life, and the other, falls asleep at the wrong time. 

8 minute episodes

The Completely Lar Lar Academy of Imagination

Have you ever wondered where imagination comes from and how you get it? This academy teaches you how to create imagination, store it, and deliver it, plus a whole lot more. 

In production now - The animated series will be available in 2023. 

If you would like to be a distribution partner please email your interest. 

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